Asset Optimization Services

Technical and Operational Asset Optimization:
As the number of PV plants grow worldwide, the number of PV plants outliving their warranty coverage grows as well. This underlines the importance and benefits of PV asset performance optimization and the shift away from full-scope O&M contracts and scheduled maintenance towards reliability centered and risked based Maintenance …

We help you to optimize the design and the operation of your PV assets to achieve best in class performance through:

  • Analyzing the whole power generation system to identify improvement potential using our PEAK toolbox
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the improvement measures indicating the payback period of the measure
  • Defining financing options for the improvement measures including the introduction of third party financing
  • Smooth execution of improvement measures through corrective maintenance, system and improvement technology and quick payback solutions to increase the overall performance

Commercial Asset Optimization:
As feed-in tariffs and incentives for PV plants have been reduced or expired in mature solar markets and are not even existing in some emerging solar markets a need to reduce operational expenditures (OPEX) and finding alternative revenues increases steadily …

Operational Expenditures (OPEX) analysis and cost reduction: O&M contracts, which have been concluded years ago, might not be in line with today’s highly competitive O&M market and with the scope and the price of up to date O&M contract standards.

We help you to minimize the OPEX of your PV asset. By following a pre-defined approach and taking all relevant steps, we have helped some of our clients to achieve immediate OPEX reductions of 20 to 40 %.

  • Cost structure review and benchmarking
  • Assessment of potential savings
  • Cost optimization
    • O&M contract renegotiation and O&M fees restructuring (fixed, variable)
    • Negotiation and optimization of taxes and fees payable to authorities
    • Renegotiation and cost optimization of the own consumption of electricity

Optimizing revenues by combining fixed feed-in tariff and electricity trading:

  • Assessment whether alternative ways of selling the power generated by the respective plant could improve the profit per unit of electricity
  • Negotiation or renegotiation of power purchase agreements (PPAs) with electricity traders
  • Optimization of electricity sales revenues by combining fixed sales revenue components and variable sales revenues (electricity trading including caps and floors)
  • Electricity generation forecast for electricity trading