Our Performance Improvement Tools:

AES PIT toolbox for remote analysis of PV plants on top of your monitoring software:

Performance Improvement Analyses and Performance Reports of PV plants (full scope) …

  • Assessment of weather corrected electricity generation (real vs. prediction)
  • Technical standard checks for the remote early detection of underperforming plant equipment
  • Individual checks on suspected defects (based on results of performance reports and technical standard checks)

Weather corrected electricity generation …

  • Assessment of weather corrected electricity generation (yield, real vs. prediction) for individual timeframes
  • Daily and weekly yield status
  • Monthly and annual comparison of electricity generation with previous periods

Underperforming plant equipment and mitigation of defects …

  • Remote and early detection of underperforming plant equipment (strings, combiner boxes, inverters) and loss mitigation
  • Inverter efficiency curve checks
  • Localization, tracking and quantification of losses over individual timeframes (daily, weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Optimization of switch points for master-slave Inverter
  • Verification of temperature-coefficient of modules

O&M quality check and handling of defects …

  • Inspection and visualization of response time of O&M team on defects
  • Magnitude of losses on inverter, combiner and string level and outside standard working hours
  • Minimizing field work by remote definition of repair and maintenance needs
  • Reliability and risk based definition of work schedule for O&M team

Dust and soiling …

  • Performance effects of dust, soiling or similar environmental influences
  • Evaluation of the magnitude of impact on the energy generation
  • Optimization of cleaning schedules and/or predictive maintenance schedules
  • Recommendation for self-cleaning and anti-reflective coating

Module degradation …

  • Remote localization and verification of accelerated module degradation
  • Detection of modules impacted by accelerated degradation, typical for (some) thin film modules or module production problems
  • Verification of light induced degradation (LID) rate
  • Detection of potential induced degradation (PID)

Vegetation and shadowing …

  • Quantification of losses caused by dynamically changing shadows of growing vegetation
  • Risk based maintenance planning

Design and construction mistakes …

  • Remote detection and quantification of losses caused by design and construction mistakes
  • Improvement of wiring in multi-row arrangement of modules
  • Undersized plant components resulting in power limitations and losses

Reliability of sensors …

  • Remote verification of reliability of sensor values in monitoring system
  • Reliability of pyranometers and module temperature sensors
  • Double check of power sensors at string and combiner level