Solutions-Grid Stabilizer

The Grid Stabilizer Solution

There is a move towards more renewable energy in the energy mix to reduce the dependency on conventional power sources such as coal, oil, diesel, and gas.

However, the existing grid is typically not designed for intermitting renewable energy but for controllable, conventional power generation. As the share of intermitting renewable power sources like solar and wind increases in the energy mix, the grid will face instability issues which may lead to serious problems such as unplanned power outages.

When consumption rises in the afternoon and solar irradiation decreases, conventional power plants may have to react quickly. Additional reserve capacity is needed when increasing renewable energy share to meet demand during generation intermittency, resulting in reduction of grid flexibility, resource utilization, and increased costs.

We analyze the individual situation of the utilities and provide a recommendation and a detailed action plan appropriate to your needs. We design and build the Grid Stabilizer solution, based on integrating intermitting renewable energy with an appropriate energy storage system and SCADA Integrated Dynamic Control Technology.

Our solution provides:

Overall, this solution will enable utilities to introduce renewable energy while providing increased reliability to customers.