Alteso founded the joint venture Company “Rising Alternative Energy Pvt Ltd” with Rashi Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd, India.

  • Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH (Alteso) signed a joint venture agreement with Rashi Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd, India, to market and provide its asset management, asset optimization and performance improvement services on the rising Indian photovoltaic (PV)- and wind power plant market
  • Furthermore Alteso will market and provide its unique module technology, the world’s first fully IEC certified non-glass silicon solar cell based flexible ultralight weight module, namely the DAS ENERGY module (, to the Indian market.

“Alteso considers the cooperation in the Indian market as a strategically important step for the extension of its asset management and asset optimization business in emerging renewable energy markets.” said Günter Maier, Chief Operating Officer of Alteso.

Alteso provides asset management and asset optimization services to various clients in Europe and Asia. Currently, Alteso is executing performance improvement analyses for PV power plants in 10 different countries, in total for 377 MW installed PV capacity.

Alteso’s performance improvement approach for PV power plants uses advanced data analysis, namely the Performance Efficiency Acceleration Key technology (PEAK). PEAK is unique and detects the hidden value of operating PV assets at a minimum cost and on top of the monitoring software. The results of the PEAK analysis provides clients with an independent third-party test result on the historic and current operational performance of PV asset, the yield optimization potential and the cost saving potential achievable through specifically recommended measures. Based on Alteso’s experience, the improvement potential usually amounts to up to 4% of the annual energy production. Alteso anticipates the annual energy production increases and cost savings for Indian PV plants to be even higher.

Considering a minimum performance improvement of e.g. only +2% on a 50 MW PV plant, the annual production increase amounts to approximately +1,500,000 kWh/year (assuming an annual specific yield of 1,500 kWh/kWp). Assuming a PPA tariff of 5 INR/kWh, additional earnings per year would equate to approximately +7,500,000 INR/year (and for all ensuing years from the point of improvement).

Background Information:

Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH

Alteso is a manufacturer-independent service provider who – thanks to its seasoned team of PV experts – provides a track record of multi-megawatt PV development, EPCm, O&M and asset management in solar emerging regions, and expert knowledge in cost reduction in solar from both the developer‘s and owner‘s point of view.

Alteso manages several hundred MW of plants on behalf of its clients providing asset management, consulting services on supervision and analysis of technical performance, claim management and supply chain services, financial services, and reporting.

Rashi Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd

Rashi Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd, together with its mother company Rashi Wears Pvt Ltd are reputable Indian companies in the manufacturing and crafting of apparel (woven, knits, leather), accessories (belts, bags, small goods), jewellery as well as in the renewable energy industry.