Alteso checked the service quality of operations and the technical performance of the lighthouse PV plant Solarcampus (operated by the Austrian utility Energie AG), Austria´s first MW PV plant.


Alteso’s PEAK (Performance Efficiency Acceleration Key technology) detected all production losses above 2% power reduction between January 2013 and the end of December 2015. The results were compared with those of Energie AG and revealed very accurate and complete records, confirming the diligence of Energie AG´s operations and maintenance as well as the precision of the PEAK analysis. The PEAK methodology uses advanced data analysis based on monitoring values and has been verified again as a useful tool for the complete and objective assessment of operational data as well as for the completion of fragmentary and imprecise historical records.


PEAK provides significantly improved accuracy in the reassessment of plant improvement measures. PEAK is especially appropriate for larger plants, which are often erected by various companies or operated by different operations and maintenance teams, proving to be a useful tool for the independent localization of underperformance, error detection, evaluation of the magnitude of impact on the energy yield as well as for the neutral performance comparison of different PV plants.


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